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SP For Chinese Medicine(中医SP研讨会)

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SP Seminar For Chinese Medicine in Chengdu University of TCM



On June 30,2017 , SP experts of CSPC attended the SP seminar for Chinese Medicine held by Chengdu University of TCM.


A total of 80 people attended this seminar ,including leaderships from dean’s office and 8 other related departments, representatives of teachers and students. They have shown great attention to this seminar, significantly on SP-based methodology.


成都中医药大学的教学机构包括基础医学院 、临床医学院/附属医院、针灸推拿学院/第三附属医院 、养生康复学院、第二临床医学院/第二附属医院、公共卫生学院 及护理学院 等19个学院。凡是已经启动SP教学模式或未来将涉及SP教学内容的机构大都派代表参加了本次研讨会。

Founded in 1956, Chengdu University of TCM ,as one of the 4 earliest TCM universities in China, was established with the approval of the State Council and under the care of Premier Zhou Enlai and other party and state leaders of the first generation. The University is located in the Chengdu City of Sichuan, a place with a reputation of “hometown of Chinese Medicine & treasure house of medicinal herbs" and hometown of pandas. It is as large as 120 hectare in campus. The library has a collection of 1.29 million copies of books. The staff is over 2,000, including 600 professors and associate professors, among which 300 are tutors of master and doctoral students. There are over 20,000 students, including 400 from overseas. The University has a TCM Great Master, a 1st Position Scientist of the State 973 Project, and a National Excellent Teacher, etc.


CSPC assigned Ms. Chen Guoli,Secretary-general, Ms.Mu Lin, Officer of Expert committee, and Mr.Wu Jiansheng, CSPC Expert to participate in this important seminar.


Firstly, Ms.Chen described in detail the application of SP-based methodology in China recent years. Significantly, she was thrilled to introduce about the works that CSPC has done for best practice,including train the trainer courses, scholarship research and teaching materials development. She also gave a brief introduction about the draft of the Three Standards: Standards of SP Teaching Base, Standards SP Training and Assessment, Standards of SP Trainer training and Assessment, the construction and promotion of China SP Community, CSPC’s support for medical institutions across the country and some international exchange activities. Participants were showed great interests to her address,as well as a video clip of training course.



Followed by Mr..Wu Jiansheng, he presented in detail the domestic clinical application and evaluation of SP teaching contents, combined with his own over 20 years of SP practice and teaching experience in Huaxi Medical University.

研讨会进入了全方位、多层次的交流。SP教指委的牟琳老师、吴建生老师和陈秘书长与各位参会领导、老师及学生代表进行了问答式讨论与沟通,现场气氛热烈。大家主要讨论的焦点内容涉及:中医SP脚本的编写特点;在校学生学习和担任SP的优势与局限性;SP临床与护理两类教学内容与考核方式的区别;SP招募人员的范围;真实病人能否经过训练后担任SP;SP在中医实践教学中的合理应用等诸多问题。The seminar focused on following contents, case development, advantages and limitations for undergraduates to learn with SPs and act as an SP, differences between the contents and assessments of clinical SPs and nursing SPs; main sources of SPs; if a real patient can be trained as an SP; the application of SP methodology in CTM practice teaching,etc.


Seated at the rostrum, head of  SP project of Chengdu University of CTM and SP experts of CSPC


After the seminar, CSPC experts visited Clinical Skills Training Center, where they carried out friendly exchanged with teachers and students .


Following are the highlights of this visit:

成都中医药大学校园一景Campus view


Ms.Chen Guoli,Secretary-General of CSPC is giving a speech on SP training.


Mr.Wu Jiansheng sharing SP teaching experiences


Participants asking questions at the Seminar


Ms.Mu Lin answering questions


School Clinical Skills Training Center


Teachers exchanging ideas and experiences


Students during a training exercise:

(2017中国SP教指委宣传部供稿  2017.7.3

Presented by CSPC Propganda Department 3July)


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